Shocktoxin Flechette Pistol

Non-lethal handgun

weapon (ranged)

These were developed specifically for the Secret Avengers by SHIELD. Each gun is unique and biometrically keyed to the person it was made for: no one who isn’t a shapeshifter of some kind can use it but you. They fire solid wedges of a nerve agent called “shocktoxin”. These wedges have been milled to a monofilament edge, allowing them to pierce body armor. The wedges begin to disintegrate once fired; they dissolve into undetectable trace chemicals within minutes. They use compressed air to launch the wedges, so they’re nearly silent (-2 CS to any Intuition Feat to hear them).

The pistols do Excellent non-lethal toxic/poison damage; treat a Red shooting result as a Stun rather than a Kill. The armor of targets shot with them takes a -1 CS penalty when defending against them.


Shocktoxin Flechette Pistol

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