Captain America

Steve Rogers

Fighting Amazing 50
Agility Remarkable 30
Strength Excellent 20
Endurance Remarkable 30
Reason Good 10
Intuition Incredible 40
Psyche Good 10

Health 130
Karma 60


Unique Weapon: Shield While in the field as a Secret Avenger, Cap uses a collapsible black-and-white version of his shield. It’s made of Monstrous strength memory metal that can fold and collapse down into a wedge small enough to fit into a large pocket. In the field, Cap wears it collapsed on his wrist until he needs it; it can spring open and into shape almost instantly.
In any one round, Cap can use the shield in one of three ways:

  • Cap can block attacks he can see coming while moving and fighting normally. The shield acts as Excellent body armor against physical and energy attacks when used in this way. Cap can still be Stunned or Slammed from attacks his shield absorbs.
  • Cap can crouch down and use the shield for pure defense. He cannot move or attack in a round when he uses the shield in this way, but it acts as Amazing body armor against physical or energy attacks that he can see coming. He can still be Slammed or Stunned.
  • Cap can throw the shield as a weapon. It has a range of 2 areas and does Excellent damage. He can bounce the shield off various surfaces and have it return to him on his next turn.


Weapon Specialty: Shield Cap gets +2 CS when using his shield.
Martial Arts Cap is skilled in various martial arts, and can Stun or Slam foes regardless of higher Strength than him.

Cap is also a talented artist, knowledgeable in military and tactics, and a skilled motorcycle driver. He gets a +1 CS to any FEAT rolls in these areas.


Nick Fury helped Steve fake his death at the end of the Civil War. Since then, his protege Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier) has served as the public Captain America while Steve operates covertly.

Captain America

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