Black Widow

Natasha Romanova

Fighting Incredible 40
Agility Incredible 40
Strength Good 10
Endurance Excellent 20
Reason Good 10
Intuition Incredible 40
Psyche Good 10

Health 110
Karma 60


Immunities and Resistances: Black Widow gets +2 CS to Endurance FEATS when resisting any diseases, poisons, or toxins. She’s also seemingly immune to aging; she has an Unearthly resistance to any age-inducing effects.

Bracelets: Designed for her by SHIELD, Black Widow’s bracelets have these uses:

  • Widow’s Bite: Can fire an Excellent damage electrical blast with a range of 4 areas.
  • Widow’s Line: Can fire a swingline with grappling hook. The line is 3 areas long and is made of Incredible strength material.
  • Widow’s Kiss: Can fire a small puff of Remarkable intensity knockout gas against an adjacent target. Each bracelet only contains enough gas for one shot and can only be reloaded between missions.

Wall-Crawling: Micro-hooks in the Widow’s gloves and boots allow her to climb walls with Remarkable ability.

Belt: The discs on Black Widow’s belt contain C4. They can be triggered remotely, on a timer, or set to explode on impact. Each disk explodes with Remarkable impact.


Weapon Specialist: Widow’s Bite Natasha gets +2 CS when firing her Widow’s Bite.
Martial Arts: Black Widow is skilled in several martial arts. She can Slam or Stun opponents stronger than her.

Natasha has extensive military and tactical training, is a master of espionage, a gifted detective. She gets a +1 CS to any FEAT roll in these areas. She also speaks several languages fluently and many others conversationally, including (but not limited to) English, Russian, German, Farsi, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.


Natasha is currently in a relationship with James “Bucky” Barnes, previously known as Winter Soldier and current public face of Captain America.

Black Widow

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