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MSH Battle Book This is a PDF copy of the Battle Book for you to read and refer to at your leisure! The last page of the PDF includes the basic Universal Table.
Advanced Universal Table This is the advanced table; it’s the same as the Basic one, just with more stuff.
House Rules Any custom rules for the game are kept here. They might be modified a bit as we play; I’ll let you know about any changes!

Recent Events

There’s been a lot going on in the Marvel Universe at the point we’re starting at. These are short summaries of the big events that pertain in particular to the Avengers.

2004: Avengers Disassembled
2005: House of M and Secret War
2006: Civil War
2007: World War Hulk
2008: Secret Invasion
2009: Dark Reign
2010: Siege
2011: The Present

Our story picks up immediately at the end of the Siege.


SHIELD Hellicarrier
SHIELD Quincarrier
The Lighthouse
Avengers Mansion
Avengers Tower
The Peak


Secret Avengers


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