House Rules

The Golden Rule
Generally speaking, any situation that gives you a small advantage grants +1 CS to the appropriate FEAT roll, while those that give a big advantage grant +2 CS. The reverse is also true; minor inconveniences cause a -1 CS penalty, big ones a -2 penalty.

For now we won’t be using the Popularity stat. You’re supposed to be secret Avengers. If you want to influence people, make either a Reason FEAT (if you’re, you know, being reasonable!) or a Psyche FEAT (if you’re trying to intimidate them or otherwise appeal to emotion rather than intellect).

As SHIELD operatives, you have access to all sorts of high tech gadgetry and vehicles, though they’re not always available right when you need them. You don’t need to buy anything, but you will have to make a Remarkable FEAT roll if you are looking for a specific piece of gear.

  • Common items (guns, flak jackets, commlinks): No roll required.
  • Uncommon items: Green FEAT
  • Rare or exotic items: Yellow FEAT
  • Unique or purpose-built items: Red FEAT

Combined Attacks
If you’re facing an opponent with a force field or body armor that you can’t get through individually, you can both aim for the same spot and hit it simultaneously. The character with the lower damage score makes an Agility FEAT roll; if they succeed, the other character gets +1 CS to their damage for that attack and is the only one who needs to roll to hit.

Shooting to Stun
If you’re making a shooting or throwing attack and want to potentially Stun your target, just declare you’re shooting to stun. A Yellow result is treated as a Stun, but a Kill is still a Kill.

Shooting to Neutralize
This is the classic “shoot the gun out of the bad guy’s hand”. Make your Agility FEAT to hit as normal. On a Yellow result, the knife/gun/detonator/whatever has been shot from their hand without harming them. On a Red result, they drop it and take full damage.

We’re using the Slams on the Basic Universal Table, not the Advanced one. Just look at the back of the Battle Book or on the Judge’s Screen!

…And STAY Down!
It’s not very heroic (take a -10 Karma penalty if you do it, but villains can do it without penalty) but sometimes you might have to make sure an enemy doesn’t get back up again. Hitting a Stunned enemy will keep them down for 1-10 hours rather than rounds, unless they receive some sort of medical attention or a cold bucket of water to the face! You don’t have to make an attack roll to do this. The bad guy still gets to make and Endurance FEAT to resist it, like any other Stun, but they don’t get to spend any Karma on the roll.
The hit does normal damage, but armor might or might not apply. Captain America’s shield wouldn’t help him, but Iron Man’s armor would unless you took the time to pop open his helmet.


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